Noshki  District (the beuty of Balochistan)

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Noshki District (the beuty of Balochistan)
Total area=50545 sq.Km
Total population=225064 Male=108736
F/male= 93828 Sex Ratio 1.3 Annual growth rate=3.1
Population density=3.7/sq.km Literacy rate=26.99 Male literacy rate=37.76 F/Male literacy rate=13.76 Totle Girls students=23822 Totle Boys students=14742 (2002 year)HEALTH FACILITIES
Distt:H/Q Hospita=1
The;H/Q Hospital=2
High schools=31
gendar free schools=24

Major Crops
Wheat,potato,others Vegetables,Onion,Fruits,Jowar

Chaghi is the largest district of pakistan.Total area of this historic distact is about 50545.sq/kms.It is situated in the entire west of pakistan sharing two borders withe Iran and Afghanistan.Chaghi has been a gate way traders and warriors of centeral asia and persia.Chaghi is one of the richests lands as for as,It-s natural resources(such as marble,slate,iron pres,copper,gold,coal and granite.)are concerned.The famous R.C.D high way which links Pakistan even subcontinent,with Europ passes 600 kms through this glorious district.
Chaghi infact,is the changed (gradually changed) shape of Chaah-gai two balochi language words,where :chaah: stands for a well and :gai: means the place.the original balochi meaning of chaghi so is the place of wells dug by different tribes for the purpose of pure drinking water.Majority of these wells are still in the use of certain tribes.
The land scape of CHaghi is beutiful,on the one hand it is fallen in an enormous number of barren but graceful mountains,while on the other hand one could find hundereds of kilometers covred by sand deposits .People mostly rely on their cattles and small scale of cultivation.But fromlast six years the serres draught conditions have changed the life style of people,majority of the village community is migrating towards cities.In the remote areas of this district people have no basic health,Education and other facilities like Electricity,Telephone and mail(post)services.
The envoirnment and climate of chaghi is sutable for many kinds of Agricultural practices,but lack of water for irrigation influences this treade verymuch.The sources for Irrigation are natural (rain fall)or tube wells.
Chaghi has three big towns Nushki,Dalbandin and Nokundi.While Nushki is district headquarter of chaghi.
Chaghi is famous because of:-
1;-Zangi nawer lake.
(A british tourist once said about zanginawar ,''If it were a portable thing i would have smuggled it to my country.zanginawar lake is 2nd largest hunting place in asia.)
2:-Because of it`s melons and watermelons.
3:-Because of its game birds which migrate from Siberia(Russia)and pass through this district.
4:-Because of its mineral resources.
5:-Because of its religious institutions and Ulemas(scholars).
6:-It is famous because of Mir,Gul khan naseer,who last year recieved the presidential award for litorature.
7:-It is famous because of Pakistan first atomic test, at Raskoh.
This distt;has produced a score of religions scholars,literary maestros,sportsmen,statesmen,warriors and poets.
(( The most famous personality of chaghi distt:))
Mr.Amir-ul-mulk mengal is ex, governor of Balochistan and ex, chief Justice of Balochistan high court.


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